The short answer is “no”.

But the long answer is much more interesting… I’ll explain.

CBD doesn’t MAKE you sleep. CBD LETS you sleep.

CBD, or cannabidiol is not a sedative. Sedatives are drugs or supplements that make you feel tired, even when you’re not. 

Lots of people take sedatives to get to sleep because they just don’t feel like they have any other options. 

CBD is different. 

CBD relaxes your body and mind to help you fall asleep naturally. 

Let’s say that the reason you have trouble getting to sleep is racing thoughts… will CBD help with that? 

Yep. In my experience, it will. Because CBD helps me shut down and relax and quiet my mind before bed. 

What if the trouble is you’ve got nagging aches and pains keeping you from getting comfortable. Will CBD help with that? 

Yes-indeed! CBD has been shown to help relieve nagging aches and pains.

All this adds up to something that scientists say helps shorten the amount of time it takes to get to sleep (they call that “sleep onset latency”) and lengthen the amount of time spent asleep.

Pretty cool stuff.

The Best Part

Wanna know the best part of trying CBD to sleep (instead of taking a sedative)? 

It’s waking up the next morning. 

See, lots of people know that sometimes sedatives can work a little too good if you catch my drift… Leaving you feeling groggy and still tired the next day. 

CBD isn’t like that. Because of the way it works, CBD helps support your body naturally and helps you get the sleep you need without knocking you out like a hammer. 

Nice N Easy. 

Hope you found this helpful. If you wanna learn more about CBD, I suggest trying the button that says “Learn More” (a little tip from me to you!)


Tommy Chong